Design + Planning

First, we team up with our customers to get what they need and want. Then, it's a back-and-forth as we create models and gather feedback.

Our models pack key info and visuals, helping our clients grasp the design. This helps us make adjustments early in the design phase.

Identify customer needs and the project constraints.
Analyze any problems or concerns.
Contextualize our analysis to explore possible solutions.
Select the best option.
Draft accurate plans for construction.
We construct assemblies in our prefab shop to streamline installation.
Onsite construction.
Start up
We verify that systems operate as intended.
We adjust and balance to enhance performance.


Value Engineering

While some see value engineering as solely aiming for the cheapest options, at Century, it's about designing HVAC systems that meet and surpass project cost objectives without compromising our standards for quality and performance.

Collaborating with your team, we thoroughly explore alternative options in engineering design, equipment, materials, construction, operations, and maintenance. Our focus is pinpointing opportunities for enhancing performance, reducing costs, and adding substantial value to the project.

graphic illustrating greater cost savings potential with earlier project start
Chart showng savings potential of value engineering


Building Information Modeling

Design + Production

Our detailed 3D models using BIM help us spot potential construction problems early in the design phase, allowing us to fix them before they become major issues.


BIM boosts collaboration by showing us how each construction stage affects the next, giving us a clear roadmap to work together seamlessly.

Advantages of BIM

Comprehensive 3D visualization

Better communication and collaboration

Better understanding of design intention

Less rework and revisions

More-efficient planning and scheduling

Fluid hand-offs between stages

Less waste of materials

Accurate as-built drawings at handover

BIM computer animation on the computer monitor of tech worker


Indoor Air Quality

At Century, ensuring well-filtered and well-ventilated indoor air is a top priority. Our systems meet or exceed ASHRAE standards, focusing on enhancing building wellness through improved air quality and boosted efficiency.


We design systems that bring in more fresh air from the outside, reducing airborne contaminants and enhancing indoor air quality.


We install humidifiers/dehumidifiers to improve comfort and prevent respiratory issues, static electricity, and mold growth.


We thoroughly cleaning coils to ensure they're unobstructed. Plus, we fit systems with higher-rated MERV filters like MERV 11 or MERV 13 for efficient air movement and filtration.


For an added layer of protection, we offer the installation of ionization and irradiation units. These systems effectively remove bacteria, viruses, and other particles from virtually any forced-air system.

INfographic showing effects of poor indoor air qualitygraphic providing 4 facts about indoor air quality



Efficient HVAC systems make buildings more affordable and comfortable while being eco-friendly.

Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation improves air quality, reduces moisture problems, and reduces how long your HVAC system needs to run.

System Zoning

Dividing your space into HVAC zones lets you control temperatures separately, using only the energy needed for each zone.

Heat Pump Technology

Heat pumps move heat in or out as needed for heating or cooling a space.

Properly Sealed Ductwork

Sealing ducts reduces energy waste, boosting HVAC efficiency by 20% or more.


Variable-speed Systems

Unlike regular HVACs, variable-speed systems adjust speeds for better energy efficiency.


Worksite Safety

Safety is our top priority at Century, and we take comprehensive measures to ensure everyone stays safe on the job.

OSHA Training

Each team member holds OSHA certification, with 10 hours of safety training, while forepersons receive an additional 20 hours.

ABC Gold

We've attained Gold status in ABC's STEP Safety Management System, marking us as 655% safer than the industry average.

Site-Specific Planning

We implement tailored Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) programs for each project, addressing unique job site risks and project goals.

Independent Inspections

Our job sites undergo third-party inspections to validate the effectiveness of our safety plans.

Site Supervision

Each project has a dedicated health and safety representative overseeing the safety program.


Employees are responsible for complying with Health, Safety, and Environment Management (HSE) standards.

Toolbox Talks

Weekly safety meetings keep our team informed about potential hazards and updates on OSHA regulations.

COVID Protocols

We strictly maintain on-site protocols like providing necessary PPE, hand-sanitizing stations, encouraging social distancing, and minimizing physical contact.



We shift time-consuming building tasks from the job site to our streamlined prefab shop, making installation quicker and simpler. Our in-house assembly slashes waste, boosts system quality, and speeds up delivery.

Saves Time

With in-house assembly, our supply chain gets super efficient. That means a 4-month project might wrap up in just 6 weeks.

Quality Assurance

We're confident our components match our top-notch standards.

Tailor Made

Each piece is crafted precisely to fit your unique needs.

Less Waste

By overseeing the entire fabrication process, we cut waste, save cash, and lessen our environmental impact.



We move slow and expensive building tasks to our prefab shop for quick and easy installation.

Our in-house assembly cuts waste, increases system quality, and speeds delivery. A 4-month job might wrap in 6 weeks.


New commercial heating and cooling gear can slash up to 40% of monthly energy costs.


A top-notch HVAC system means better indoor air, humidity control, and steadier temps for folks in the building.


Retrofitting costs less than a whole new system, giving you a return on investment in as little as a year.


Replacing worn parts and making smart upgrades can extend the life of your entire system.

Are your utility bills rising?
Has your heating or cooling become uneven?
Are your repair costs continually rising?
Is your system making unusual noises?
Is your system producing strange odors?
Is your HVAC system over 10 years old?
Is energy being lost through the exhaust?
Are there visible signs of malfunction?


Aeroseal Duct Sealing

Are you frustrated seeing your building's operating dollars vanish?

As certified Aeroseal providers, we use patented duct-sealing technology to spot and fill leaks from the inside, even those tough-to-reach ones.

Chart showing reduction in duct leakage after aerosealChart showing aeroseal reducing duct leaks
Leakage in CFM = cubic feet per minute
Before Aeroseal
After Aeroseal
Ready to cut energy costs and boost your system's performance?
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ASHRAE says 75% of buildings leak 10% – 25% of air through ducts.

Signs your ducts might be leaking:

Higher Energy Bills

Leaks increase fan use, but sealing can save energy and cash.

Unhealthy Air Quality

Leaks bring in dust and nasties like viruses, hurting air quality.

Hot and Cold Spots

Uneven airflow? Aeroseal gives better temperature control.


Leaks can draw harmful gasses back indoors instead of expelling them.


Planned Maintenance

Maintaining your commercial HVAC is like giving your car a tune-up. It's all about keeping things running smoothly. Routine, quality maintenance guarantees your systems operate efficiently, cutting down on wasted energy from glitches.

Being proactive slashes maintenance expenses by around 40%. Our Century technicians possess unmatched expertise crucial for properly keeping your HVAC gear.

Avoids Expense and Downtime
Can reduce costly breakdowns by 95%.
Improves Air Quality
Better control of dust and particulates.
Increases Comfort
Reduces hot and cold spots for better thermal comfort.
Is More Sustainable
A properly working HVAC system uses less energy.
Saves Money
Regular maintenance can cut energy costs by up to 30%.
Increases Safety
Mitigates the accumulation of deadly carbon monoxide.

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