Century Training Center

We provide hands-on training in service, repair, and installation across many configurations and applications.


Learn by working under the supervision of a senior-level employee while attending a NY state—accredited commercial HVAC program.


We pair new employees with senior technicians for technical assistance and general coaching.

ABC-NCCER Programs

We provide the gold standard in certification and career development for commercial HVAC professionals.

Manufacturer Certification

This training validates your knowledge, earn you industry-standard credentials, and advances your career.

Continuing Education

We offer scholarships to attend industry workshops so you can stay on top of the latest advances in technology.

Your safety is our priority

OSHA Training

Every Century team member is OSHA certified, completing 10 hours of safety training. Project forepersons receive an additional 20 hours of training.

ABC Gold

​​We’ve achieved Gold status in ABC’s STEP Safety Management System, which means that we are 655% safer than the industry average.

Site-Specific Planning

We implement a comprehensive Health, Safety, & Environmental (HSE) program on every project, accounting for the unique risks of the job site and project objectives.

Independent Inspections

Our job sites are inspected by independent 3rd-party professionals to ensure that our safety plan is effective.

​​Health and safety are our top priority, so we do everything necessary to keep everyone safe on the job.

Site Supervision

Each project has an assigned health and safety representative responsible for all aspects of the safety program.


Each employee understands and is responsible for their Health, Safety, and Environment Management (HSE) compliance.

Toolbox Talks

We hold short weekly safety meetings to make our team aware of possible workplace hazards and to provide updates on OSHA regulations.

COVID Protocols

We maintain onsite protocols such as providing and requiring proper PPE and hand-sanitizing stations, encouraging social distancing, and avoiding physical contact as much as possible.

The perks

At Century, you’ll help build systems that allow people to live and work in comfort while reducing the impact on the planet.

Better still, you’ll thrive in a community guided by core values that inspire personal growth and make you feel right at home.


A 401(k) plan with a company match; medical, dental, vision, and short-term disability coverage; paid time off; and holiday pay.


You can continue to pursue training and education to expand your career as far as you want.


At Century, you can depend on steady work until you are ready to retire.

Do Good Work

We empower our team with proper training and clearly defined responsibilities. We trust them to do their best job.

Have a Voice

We encourage our team to reflect on project milestones and discuss lessons learned with team members at every level.


We reward your hard work and encourage work-life balance with paid time off.

Thanksgiving Tradition

We like to think of our team as a family, so we gift every employee a turkey each Thanksgiving.

Give Back

Our responsibility to our community is an integral part of our culture, and we take pride in giving back.


We take our impact on our environment seriously and design our HVAC systems to meet client needs with less impact on the planet.


Sound like a good fit?

Maintenance Technician

Maintains commercial heating and cooling equipment efficiency; reducing energy consumption; and extending the system’s life through detailed inspections, part replacement, equipment cleaning, mechanical adjustment, and repair.

Service Technician

Diagnoses and repairs mechanical and electrical faults and promptly responds to customers’ commercial HVAC emergency calls 24/7.

Commercial HVAC Installer

Performs the various tasks necessary for installing complete commercial heating and cooling systems, including hanging ductwork and pipe, insulating, and setting equipment.

Pipe Fitter

Interprets blueprints to assemble and install piping systems onsite, including refrigeration, hot-water, chilled-water, steam, and condensate pipes.

Sheet Metal Worker

Interprets blueprints to assemble and install a wide variety of sheet metal fittings and ducts onsite.